Kaniksu and your Officers have been hard at work planning an amazing long weekend for your enjoyment!! One of the goals of the AANR NW Board this year was to minimize your hours sitting in meetings and maximize the time you have for the fun events at the convention! Be sure to get your registrations in early as we have a limited number of rooms and RV sites for large units. We have oodles of lovely campsites, for tents and smaller RVs and will have plenty of those available right up to the week of the convention. Our office is closed currently—snowed in with 4 feet of snow, so phones won’t be answered until possibly the first week of May. Please mail or e-mail your registrations & we will process them as they arrive. If you haven’t yet been to Kaniksu, be ready for a rustic treat! Our camp is surrounded by more than 200 acres of stunning wilderness, filled with delightful animals, deer, elk, moose, wolves, bears, cougars, bobcats, bunnies, coyotes, squirrels & chipmunks, just to name a few. Our skies are blessed with eagles, osprey, heron, quail, wild turkey, colorful hummingbirds, ducks, geese, kingfishers and a multitude of songbirds. We have miles of hiking trails for you to explore on your own, or join one of our nature walks, guided by one of our expert members. You will be arriving mid-summer when our warm days will have you enjoying both our large traditional pool or getting your exercise playing water volleyball or doing aerobics in our above ground, 4 foot depth pool. Our nights are cool, making it perfect for a sound sleep or some soaking in our hot tub. We have planned a healthy, delicious menu and are happy to accommodate those with allergies or other food preferences. Friday breakfast will be Judy’s world famous eggs benedict and Saturday night dessert we will serve a delicious chocolate mousse cake—last time we served it to a convention crowd, Pam got a marriage proposal!! If you choose to prepay for all the meals, you will get a discount! If not you can purchase the meals you want at registration or even at the kitchen when meals are being served. This year will be a celebration of Kaniksu’s 80th birthday, so we are planning some of our activities around the fads of the 1980s! Ladies, be ready with your BIG hair and all of your 80s fashions! Guys, start growing out your mullets or get your hair sculpting product out to spike up that major Mohawk!! Learn (or be reminded how) to dance the Macarena, the Moonwalk, the Kriss Kross Jump dance, the Robot, the Cabbage Patch & Axl Rose’s Snake Dance. For those of you who are regulars at these events, we won’t disappoint! We will have all the usual tournaments you have come to expect over the years: Bocce Ball, Horse Shoes, Shuffle Board, Cribbage, and Pickle Ball. In addition, we will have some fun local events for you. Our Vice President, Raen Logan will teach and help you to make your very own personalized necklace or bracelet. We will have a local whiskey and MicroBrew tasting for your enjoyment on Friday afternoon. Your AANR NW team has planned some new, innovative and informative sessions. Karen Lahey will be presenting a seminar entitled “Meet the New Membership Management System”. A special session called “AANR Women in the Me Too Era” will help bring those disturbing issues to the limelight and provide plenty of discussion time. During the Town Hall Meeting NW & AANR leaders will provide information and answer your questions. They will also catch us up on any news regarding benefits and upcoming changes for members and clubs as well as reiterating AANR’s Non-Discrimination policy. We hope you will be bringing kiddos with you and we’ll be sure to have lots of fun events planned to keep them busy and happy, too. Our playground, with its’ fun climbing wall and sandbox will be a blast for them. We also have a well-stocked craft area to bring out the wondrous creativity children have innately. Our resident kids also love the numerous movies we have available and playing on our rustic piano. We are currently seeking craft vendors to have souvenirs for you to purchase in addition to our Kaniksu offerings. We so look forward to hosting you this summer and cannot wait for our snow to turn to sunshine!