You are welcome at Kaniksu Ranch

Kaniksu Ranch is Family oriented.  However, everyone is welcome regardless of marital status, race, ethnicity.  We welcome all nice people!

First time visitors to Kaniksu pay no ground fees.

Enjoy our Military/Veterans and their significant other discount'

August 9 is our next FREE OPEN HOUSE, 9-5.  Come check us out!

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Wow! What a weekend!

If you came to the 2014 BBFR, WE THANK YOU!  It was a wonderful crowd with almost 400 entrants to the run and nearly 1,000 people here on Sunday.  And on Monday, the mama moose and baby spent an hour in the pond with many fascinated viewers.

Wonderful summer and more to come!

We've inaugurated our outdoor stage and dance to rave reviews.  Thanks to the Angela Marie Project and the Other White Meat Band for tremendous dances that excited the crowds.  And our DJ dances were just as fun with The Rapid Transit Road Show and Excellence in Entertainment.  A wonderful time was had by all.

2014 Bare Buns Fun Run (BBFR)

The 2014 BBFR Registration Form (mail-in version) is available NOW.  Click here.

You can NOW REGISTER ON-LINE for 2014 at

Just Imagine!  July 27, 2014,  Run in THE run.  The Internationally famous “Original” Clothing Optional Fun Run!   This is the 30th running and thousands of runners and walkers from all over the world have traveled to take part in this amazing event weekend in the beautiful Kaniksu National Forest.  Called by many, “the best run-run”.  5K (3.25 miles) on a mountain road on a beautiful Sunday morning.  You are ONE with nature.  And then, enjoy the pool, the volleyball, great food.  Spend the day or the Week.  This year dance to a DJ dance Friday night and on Saturday, dance to the live music of The Other White Meat Band.   Once you come, you will return.     Mother Child  


                                                                     Fun for all ages

Get rid of the clothes   Shoes 


                 Get rid of the clothes!    Nothin’ but my runnin’ shoes!

Cannon   surge  Flip

Starts with the Cannon                           Surge at the end                          Head over heels